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miércoles, 17 de septiembre de 2014

Con un 'poco' de atraso (estamos retomando!) Presentamos nuestra cuenta de los papers de astronomos chilenos/en Chile durante el mes de Julio 2014. Interesantes papers en todas las areas! si se nos olvida alguno por favor mandenos la informacion a Y a los autores, envíanos tus resúmenes :)

Papers liderados por chilenas/os:

M. Zorotovic (UValpo)+ 'The evolution of the self-lensing binary KOI-3278: evidence of extra energy sources during CE evolution'

Juan Magaña, Víctor H. Cárdenas, Verónica Motta (UValpo) autores 'Cosmic slowing down of acceleration for several dark energy parametrizations'

M. Zorotovic (UValpo)+ 'Monte Carlo simulations of post-common-envelope white dwarf + main sequence binaries: The effects of including recombination energy'

Giovanni Carraro (ESO-Chile), Lorenzo Monaco (ESO-Chile), Sandro Villanova (UdeC) 'Abundance analysis of red clump stars in the old, inner disc, open cluster NGC 4337: a twin of NGC 752?'

Papers con coautoria de chilenas/os

Franz Bauer (PUC) coautor 'Initial Results from NuSTAR Observations of the Norma Arm'

Patricia Tissera (UNAB) coautora 'Properties of Long Gamma Ray Burst Progenitors in Cosmological Simulations'

Felipe Marin (Swinburne, Australia) coautor 'Gigaparsec WiggleZ Simulations: Characterising scale dependant bias and associated systematics in growth of structure measurements'

Giovanni Carraro, S Villanova (UdeC) coautores 'Clues on the Galactic evolution of sulphur from star clusters'

Monica Rubio (UChile) coautora 'Molecular gas associated with IRAS 10361-5830'

Lluis Galbany (UChile) coautor 'The Core Collapse Supernova Rate from the SDSS-II Supernova Survey'

G. Pietrzynski (UdeC) coautor 'A Terrestrial Planet in a ~1 AU Orbit Around One Member of a ~15 AU Binary'

Thomas Puzia (PUC) coautor 'Searching for Dust around Hyper Metal-Poor Stars'

Yanett Contreas (ATNF, Australia) coautora 'Low EUV Luminosities Impinging on Protoplanetary Disks'

D. Graczyk (UdeC)+ 'The Araucaria Project. Binary Classical Cepheids in the LMC'

Roberto Muñoz, Thomas Puzia (PUC) coautores 'The Next Generation Virgo cluster Survey. V. modelling the dynamics of M87 with the Made-to-Measure method'

Diego Muñoz (Cornell) coautor 'ALMA Observations of the T Tauri Binary System AS 205: Evidence for Molecular Winds and/or Binary Interactions'

Paula Jofre (Cambridge, UK) coautora 'Determining stelar atmospheric parameters and chemical abundances of FGK stars with iSpec'

Jorge Cuadra (PUC) coautor 'Tidal disruptions in circumbinary disks. II: Observational signatures in the reverberation spectra'

Javiera Guedes (ETH, Suiza) coautora 'The History of R-Process Enrichment in the Milky Way'

Alvaro Villalobos (INAF Trieste, Italia) coautor 'The influence of the environmental history on quenching star formation in a $\Lambda$CDM universe'

Patricia Tissera (UNAB)+ 'Low-metallicity stellar halo populations as tracers of dark matter haloes'

Paulina Lira (UChile), Patricia Arévalo (PUC, UValpo) coautoras 'Swift monitoring of NGC 5548: X-ray reprocessing and short term UV/optical variability'

Thomas Puzia (PUC) coautor 'New Clues to the Cause of Extended Main Sequence Turn-Offs in Intermediate-Age Star Clusters in the Magellanic Clouds'

L. Monaco (ESO-Chile), S. Villanova (UdeC) coautores 'The cosmological Lithium problem outside the Galaxy: the Sagittarius globular cluster M54'

Edo Ibar (PUC, UValpo) coautor 'The Scuba-2 Cosmology Legacy Survey: sub millimetre properties of Ly-break galaxies at z=3-5'

Tomado de Zorotovic+ 1407.6615: Periodo orbital, masa secundaria y de la enena blanca de las binarias 'post-common envelpope'. KDI-3278 es el objeto investigado en esta Letter.

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